Shotokan Karate of West GA

Youth (Ages 6 - 16)

The Youth program is geared towards teaching students with a lot of energy who are willing to learn.  We help them accomplish this through various exercises, drills and games geared towards learning.  There is more focus on Kihon (Basics), Kata (Form) and Kumite (Sparring) which is the foundation of karate.  Karate is profoundly helpful to young people in dealing with the many challenges facing them in today’s society. It brings them balance and perspective at an age when these are needed most. It adds a strong foundation to their character to help them with life's struggles.  Some of the benefits are listed below:


  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Coordination​
  • Physical Development
  • ​Self Confidence
  • Ability to follow instructions​
  • ​Clear thinking and Decisiveness
  • Self Defense